Review Policy

Thanks for visiting BookMyHart. I hope you liked what you saw and that you’re here because you want to know if I’ll review a book for you?

Well the answer to that is…



Why only maybe?

I love reading but there is a lot to read out there and there is no way I could read it all (even though I desperately want to). So I have to filter out the stuff I have little-to-no interest in. Do not despair though, I still have a varied range of interests and more likely than not, I will want to read what you have to offer.

So what will you read?

I will read most Young Adult and Adult Fiction genres (My blog is a better spokesperson for the kinds of books I read). But some examples include Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Crime Thrillers, etc.

I don’t mind picture books cause those can be cool sometimes.

Ohhh. Graphic novels! LOVE THEM. and of course comics.

I like some Non-Fiction, but not all of it is interesting so it really depends. (I enjoyed Blink, Between The World and Me, Sapiens. etc)

Is there anything you won’t read?

The list is pretty short (for now) but I don’t really want to review children’s books. I don’t really like horror either. What can I say, I’m a scaredy cat *shoulder shrug*

Anything else we should know?

I only post honest reviews. That being said, any critique of a book is my personal opinion and not an attack on the author in any way. So please don’t see it as such.

FTC Disclosure


Books reviewed my me are either purchased by me or loaned from a friend/library. In some cases, books may be provided by the agent, author or publisher in exchange for my honest and personal review, and is always stated in the review post.

BookMyHart currently receives no monetary compensation for book reviews, interviews, giveaways, and book tours.

At this time, the BookMyHart is not participating in any affiliate programs.


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