War Storm – Victoria Aveyard

SPOILER ALERT: This review contains some spoilers

Story: 3/5
Writing: 2/5
Overall: 2.5/5    

2018-10-16 08-1.33.29 1.jpg

I waited a long time for this book to come out in India and quite honestly it was not worth the anticipation. It took a good 200 pages before I really got into to the book. That’s a bad sign, it just should not take you that long to captivate your audience, I bet most people don’t even last 200 pages before they put a book down. War storm is a whooping 600+ pages long and still managed to seem rushed and messy.

I was initially excited by the multiple POV format for this book because that was one of the best things about King’s Cage. However that joy was short lived. What is the point of multiple characters narrating if they all just sound the same and add zero depth or perspective to the story and their characters? I don’t usually mind stopping in the middle of a chapter if I have to, I sometimes read books without glancing at chapter names (only to realize later, I should have been paying attention to them). However, with war storm I had to constantly flip back to check whose POV I was reading. Evangeline could have been mistaken for Cal who could have passed off as Maven. In the end it might as well have been Mare just crying through the whole book. Also why was Cameron so important previously but nothing more than an afterthought in War Storm?

I have so many questions. As much as I prefered multiple POV’s for this series, why didn’t Aveyard start with this? Where is the consistency? Aveyard’s writing style isn’t consistent either which probably explains why the book is mostly boring fillers between moderately exciting and vaguely predictable drama.

I feel like this series got worse with each book. Seriously, why is every character so dark and broody? What about Mare is so enthralling, that two brothers destroy their legacies for her? The battle scenes that are meant to be exciting and enthralling, are easily mistaken for any of the other battle scenes in the series. We learn about no new abilities, we see no new feats, and someone important almost dies. We’ve seen the drill.

The series did not end the way I expected it to, but that’s not my issue with it. My issue with the ending is that it just seemed empty. After reading 600+ pages of a story, I shouldn’t still be confused and wondering if this really was the end or if there is more to come. It’s not an intriguing-makes-you-ponder-the meaning-of-the-book- just-watched-a-Christopher-Nolan-movie kind of confused either. It’s a did-i-just-read-that-cause-I-already-forgot-what-happened kind of confused.

All said and done, I still stand by what I have always said about Aveyard and the Red Queen series. So much potential gone to waste because of sloppy writing and character development. A very anticlimactic finale to a series I had so many entangled feelings about.

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