A Ranking of (Almost) Every Meg Cabot Series

I don’t have a new review for you guys this week, instead I have a guide to the best and worst Meg Cabot books. As some of you might know, I absolutely love Meg Cabot. I have an entire shelf dedicated to just her books. I am proud (and also sort of guilty) to say that I have read (almost) every book she has written. She is also the reason I am single because all her characters gave me unrealistic expectations from a guy.

Note: I have not read From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess or Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls so I will not be including them in the list. (They came out when I was already wayyy past my tween years).

From Worst to Best:

17. Ransom My Heart


It’s basically erotica but bad and super cheesy

16. Tommy Sullivan is A Freak


Like any other Cabot book I have re-read this one, but unlike the others I only re-read it once and honestly don’t really remember much other than a selfish girl and something about multiple boys and a pageant of some sort.

15. Airhead Series


I think this was definitely one of her weaker works. The concept was cool but the storyline never really got too exciting.

14. How to be Popular


I liked this one and it was sweet and had everything it needed but it doesn’t hold a candle against her other work.

13. Victoria and the Rogue/ Nicola and the Viscount


These two are my guilty pleasures that I don’t like sharing. I love cliche romance and these two have basically a teen/modern Pride and Prejudice-ish vibe.

12. Queen of Babble Series


One of the other series I never re-read more than twice

11. Teen Idol


I loved this one because I wasn’t expecting the end and I love when books surprise me

10. Insatiable Series


This one made it so far up the list because of how much I liked the first book. The second one was crap, don’t read it.

9. Abandon Series


I love Cabot’s writing. I love fantasy. I love a good romance. Boom, all three.

8. The Heather Wells Mystery Series


Great characters, crime, suspense and a subtle lesson on body image and self love

7. 1-800-where-R-You?


A girl gets hit by lightning, becomes psychic and can now find missing children in her dreams! What more do you want?

Note: The following have been re-read so many times that I have lost count

6. All American Girl Series


I dreamed of a boyfriend like David every day of 7th grade.

5. The “Boy” Series


Not really connected story wise but they have some overlapping characters. I love how the book is written through diary entries, emails, texts, letters, etc.

4. Jinx


Magic, hot boys, witchcraft and NYC. Why didn’t they make this into a movie?

3. The Princess Diaries


The series that was the beginning of my love for Meg Cabot and very intense crushes on fictional characters. (I still hate the movies and how they changed every single detail, though the actor that played Michael was pretty hot and of course Anne Hathaway).

2. Avalon High


I have no idea why I love this book so much. I am the only one I know who does. The only reason it isn’t number one is because it isn’t a series and I want to read more. My copy is tattered and in pieces and I still read it all the time. (Anyone wanna send me a new one?)

1 . The Mediator Series


Suze is probably one of the most badass characters I know. All my life I have wished I was anywhere near as badass as she is. Though I do admit I was always #TeamPaul until the 7th book, though I do love Jesse too. (They should cast me in a TV series based on this show)



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